London Camp

On the weekend on the 1st September the rest of the Unit and I went to a campsite in South London by the station Sydenham Hill. We were lucky enough to be given a tour of the Canadian High-commission on the day we arrived (Friday).

On the Saturday we started of the day with a guided tour of the Houses of Parliament which helped us to learn the history of the building and what happened there and also we got to go into the House of Commons room and the House of Lords. Then after our lunch in Parliament Square we headed over to the US embassy next to the Thames where we got to do a Q&A with a speaker from the US about questions relating to the cities, poltics and just general America questions. He was very helpful and gave us all we needed to know from what we asked him.

On the Sunday we were split into our patrols to go around London doing a Monopoly run where we had to visit lots of locations and answer question on our sheet. We then got given a budget so we could go and get ourselves some dinner from wherever we wanted so my patrol went to a street market and got some pizza.

Overall it was a very fun weekend where we got to know each other. better and learn about what it will be like from past participants.

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