DW Reading Base

Once again me and my fellow Blue Bears helped to run the Reading base for the Devises to Westminster Canoe Race. We were equally successful as last year and raised £120 each. Unlike last year though the race continued past Reading and I would like to say congratulations for all those who took part, it looks like extremely hard work.

I also put my media training skills to use with my fellow Blue Bear Sophie by talking to the DW media manager.

Thames Path

On the 8th and 9th of April my Mum and I walked the first part of the Thames Path (Source to Lechlade) as part of my Personal Development award as part of Jamboree. It is really interesting to see the River Thames as this mall clear trickling stream and know it leads out into such a wide river.

We will continue to carry on the walk to London and more posts will follow!!

Unit Video

On the 24th February, my Unit had a meeting at Earlywood Camp site in which we made our unit video. This was a 30 second clip which will be shown on the UK contingent Facebook page 62 days before the Jamboree. We took many takes on one of our members camera’s and he has pieced it together to create a really amazing video.


Jamboree In A Bag

On Tuesday 27th and Wednesday 28th November I hosted Jamboree In A Bag for the Beavers and Cubs at 1st Wokingham Scouts. We played Jamboree themed games and made our own Piñata’s, we also made Teepee’s. Both sections came out of the evenings with a greater knowledge of the Jamboree and I hope they will, when they are the correct age, apply to attend one themselves!

Quiz Night

On 9th November I held a quiz night to go towards my fundraising with over 60 people in attendance. This event was also coincidently exactly one year after I found out that I had been selected to attend the Jamboree. I was also selling Christmas decorations of which some where handmade by me and family.

This event raised over £300 for me which completed my grand total of fundraising that is £3950. It was amazing that I managed to complete this in exactly one year and I would like to thank everyone who contributed to my fundraising .

London Camp

On the weekend on the 1st September the rest of the Unit and I went to a campsite in South London by the station Sydenham Hill. We were lucky enough to be given a tour of the Canadian High-commission on the day we arrived (Friday).

On the Saturday we started of the day with a guided tour of the Houses of Parliament which helped us to learn the history of the building and what happened there and also we got to go into the House of Commons room and the House of Lords. Then after our lunch in Parliament Square we headed over to the US embassy next to the Thames where we got to do a Q&A with a speaker from the US about questions relating to the cities, poltics and just general America questions. He was very helpful and gave us all we needed to know from what we asked him.

On the Sunday we were split into our patrols to go around London doing a Monopoly run where we had to visit lots of locations and answer question on our sheet. We then got given a budget so we could go and get ourselves some dinner from wherever we wanted so my patrol went to a street market and got some pizza.

Overall it was a very fun weekend where we got to know each other. better and learn about what it will be like from past participants.

Mills Tones Concert

On the 9th June I hosted a Jazz concert with Patrick , another scout from Unit 62, to raise funds for the jamboree. The evening was a complete sellout with over 160 attending. It raised us an incredible £900 each!!!

The Jazz and Swing band the MillsTones played for us and put on a superb show which seemed to be thoroughly enjoyed by all people in attendance.

Dubs in the Park

On the weekend of the 13th May, I went with some other scouts from Unit 62 to volunteer at the VW car festival called Dubs in the Park. It was held at Easthampsted Park and had a huge turn out.

We arrived to help  at about 8:30am and for the rest of the morning we were helping either park the visiting cars or directing the VW’s to their spots. Later in the day, we were moved to park more cars in a field by the side of the road up to the house as the event was so busy.

I really enjoyed the day and we got to know each other some more, as well as having fun together.